Monday, February 21, 2011

Are bloggers and hair sites contributing to your growing PJ-ism?

*photo from: Vain

I was perusing Twitter one day and talk of that Tangle Teaser was all the buzz. Various bloggers and v-bloggers were posting reviews of the product, which were RT-ed and links to those reviews were provided by loyal subscribers. I remember hearing about this product a couple of years ago on NaturallyCurly, and before this, there were countless others that appealed to the growing PJ(Product Junkie) in many of the the newly (and the NOT so newly) natural.

It had me thinking back to all of the years that I've been natural and led me to asking the following question: Have these sites created to help naturals on their journey ALSO help contribute to the need of constantly trying EVERYTHING? In other words, have they contributed to growing product junkie-ism?

I think yes, but of course, it also revolves around impulse control and knowing what works for your hair. Reviews that pique interest can be helpful, but ultimately, everyone's hair is different and products used may not garner the same, satisfactory results. Many ladies are also still trying to find that "holy grail" of hair product, while others just like experimenting and trying new things, but I always what cost? Literally?

Do you find yourself trying to set aside money for your product fix? Is it taking up a bit of your discretionary/disposable income? Do you have a graveyard of products sitting under your sink or in your bathroom closet(looking like the picture above).....collecting dust? Likely hundreds of dollars worth? Do you find yourself bandwagon jumping when a large number women sing praises of certain products or techniques? If yes to any or most of these questions, I'd venture to say slow it down. LOL! I guess there is no true harm of trying things out if it doesn't put you in a financial bind. But, I think when you know what you're seeking and the results(realistic in scope) that will help contribute to maintaining healthy hair, the need to try every new product will be minuscule at best. At least it is to me now, as it will be my 8 year naturalversary in August. :)

You don't have to always appease the PJ inside of you. Save that money for a rainy day. :) And if the bug has bitten, get rid of those products by swapping for the products you'd like to try. That way, you're able to try a product w/o committing to the price if it doesn't work. Remember.....that's why most of those products are sitting under your sink. ;)

Natural Urbanista

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Length check......sorta

You know how you get bored and need to change things up? Even if just for a week? Yeah, that's what I did and did a length check of sorts. Well, actually I hacked off a few inches BEFORE doing a length check. I can never tell how much my hair has or hasn't grown til I straighten it out, then I'm surprised. But I can tell you this....protective styling is THE TRUTH!! I never had hair this long as a teenager or even a pre-teen. Can't count being a kiddo because I was shorter and everyone looks like that hair is really long when they're 2 feet tall. :P

I'll probably cut more before going back to my twists, but it's a nice little change. And it's nice seeing my progress.

Sidenote: I'm just slightly perplexed at how many more compliments I get with straight hair. Even when it's pulled in a PONYTAIL that is tucked into a bun. It's really nothing special to me, but apparently garnered a bit of notice. *shrugs*


*Pictured above is after blowdrying and wearing in about 10 twists before straightening the next day. Products used: Elucence MBC(as a leave in) and Jojoba and Sweet Almond oil.


*Pictured here is after lightly straightening. Meaning, I didn't do a hard press with my flat-iron. I used Natural Oasis Hair & Scalp Conditioner as my protectant(which is coming soon).

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