Friday, April 29, 2011

After all the time I've been away, my first post here is non-hair related....

It's Fashion Find Friday!!!!!

I know......Long time no see, right? Miss me? Sure you have. SO much has been going on, but I wanted to revel in my frugalista-ness today. I'll get back to hair related stuff later. :P

My mother taught me very early on how to be a good shopper. Never pay retail for ANYTHING, and look for pieces that can be worn with different separates and are generally timeless. And you don't wanna just buy CHEAPLY, you want to look for quality w/o spending an arm, a leg and your future offspring. I haven't always taken her advice(we sometimes fall for trends), but I wanted to share at least a few of my finds.

I'm the QUEEN of clearance shopping, or finding an impossibly good deal. Today I found a too cute jacket from French Connection and realized how cute it would look with a dress I bought from Mod Cloth, and a pearl necklace and shoes. Two of the items were purchased from Loehmann's(one on clearance) and the necklace from Filene's Basement. All items pictured below totaled UNDER $115 (not incl tax).

Farylrobin Joy Panna leather/canvas wedges. Retail: $159. Purchase Price: $29.98

French Connection Linen Jacket. Retail: $178. Purchase Price: $49.99

Style File Dress by 3+1 audrey. Purchase Price: $13.99 (it's no longer on Mod Cloth's site, so I couldn't reference it's original price, but it was on sale. :) )

Multicolored natural pearl necklace. Purchase Price: $19.99

Here's the look together. Cute right? I'm not a fashionista, but I like what I like....and I like a good deal.


Natural Urbanista