Thursday, April 29, 2010

“Deep Conditioners” aren’t JUST relegated to colder-month usage

It was barely the 2nd week of April and it was quite balmy in the DC area with highs around 90. With the change in weather generally comes a change in routine. This normally involves lighter products, many of which are more humectant-based since a reasonable amount of humidity allows for my hair to draw on the moisture in the air.

Anyway, with warmer weather comes yard work. Yay? I spent a Monday cutting over 3/4‘s of an acre worth of grass with the sun beaming down on me. Didn’t have a hat big enough to contain the ‘do, so I just let the sun brown me like a turkey. The result of cutting grass in 80+ degree heat and sun? VERY dry-feeling hair(AND skin).

While the sun can be good for us(Vit. D), too much can wreck havoc not only on our skin, but on our hair! Never realized this fully until working in the yard.

Now, there are folks that believe that “deep conditioners” are a myth. I don’t agree, as I know for a fact that all conditioners aren’t created equal. You have to factor in ingredients and their qualities, the overall composition/formulation of each ingredient used (some are highly water-based), which leaves less room for the goodies. Anyway, I wouldn’t necessarily call them deep conditioners, but rather, better QUALITY conditioners utilizing the best ingredients for optimal hair health.

So, if you’re going to be out in the sun a lot this Spring and Summer, invest in a good leave in/moisturizer, conditioner, and deep conditioner. Pay attention to your hair and respond accordingly. Don’t wait until your hair is mad at you to try to take action. Preventative care/action is always best, and less costly in the long-run. :)


TheCurlyFitChic said...

You are absolutely right. I didn't start doing deep conditoning until last year in the Fall. I thought once it got warmer I wouldn't need to do it and boy was I wrong. Missed a month and my hair was a dry, HOT mess! LOL

KP said...

LOL! Dry hair is not cute AT ALL. :P

Unfortunately, the deep conditioner I used consistently changed its formula, so I'm stuck w/o one. So now a new deep conditioner search has begun. My rinse out is pretty good, so it's sufficing at the moment. *knocks on wood*