Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yes....I've FINALLY created a blog. :)

Well, not that this is my first, but it is my first that is focused on natural hair. Wohoo! :)

Anyway, so I've finally decided to contribute my two or three cents out there concerning natural hair. While there are many knowledgeable ladies in the blog sphere who've helped not only myself, but MANY others along the way, there's always room for one more as I know that I'm constantly learning/discovering/growing every single day.

I'm a lover of natural hair (obviously) and natural things in general, and while I had a temporary lapse in judgment(and sanity) between the ages of 14-21(I was a youngin....don't be too hard on me), I have almost 22 years of being natural under my belt. So hopefully you'll find whatever information I provide helpful in some capacity. And if it doesn't, I hope that I at least keep you somewhat entertained. I've been told I'm quite funny. But then again, they could've been lying to make me feel special. *ponders*

But back on topic.....while my focus will be on natural hair and hair care in general, I can be pretty random. Not on purpose, though. I just can't help having a non-linear brain. ;) So don't be TOO surprised if I talk about literally whatever is on my mind, be it fashion-related or just life-related. At any rate, I hope you enjoy the blog......and enjoy the ride!

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