Thursday, May 20, 2010

Only certain ladies can look good with natural hair? Really?

Am I the only one that finds that statement rather.....nonsensical?

So, what you're born with is ONLY acceptable if you....what exactly? Look a certain way? Have a certain HAIR TYPE?

Who looks good with it, pray tell? I'm trying to learn something today because I'm clearly ignorant of this revelation. lol

It's this narrow-minded viewpoint that probably stops many ladies from embracing their natural beauty. And what's sad is this sentiment is not only shared by women (both natural and relaxed) but by the MEN that supposedly LOVE THEM. I actually JUST read a statement from a guy saying he loves natural hair, but only certain ladies can wear their hair naturally. Huh?

It's one thing to say certain styles, cuts, shapes and lengths look better on certain face shapes. That I can understand because that applies whether you hair is kinky-curly or straight. But I just can't wrap my mind around my hair or a fellow naturalista being told we can't rock our natural hair because we aren't one of those lucky ladies who can.

I thank the heavens I have never had to deal with that nonsense.

It's bad enough when I hear older generations talk about me having "a good grade of hair". If only that meant healthy, but unfortunately given the context of that conversation, it had NADA to do with that.

It's bad enough we're bombarded with images of beauty that don't necessarily reflect those around us, those who who represent us, and those who realistically showcase what beauty truly entails outside of the artificially superficial.

It's bad enough we live in a society that is continuously obsessed with achieving a standard of beauty that is NOT the standard, and women feeling compelled to change who they are to fit within some man-made, Euro-centric ideal.

When will it be okay to be who you are without someone saying who you are isn't good enough?

I anxiously await that day.


Faith Li said...

I was watching a Tyra show about kinky hair and some of the things people said were simple full of ignorance. Things from "not washing hair" to "Its unprofessional." At the end of the day ignorance is what it all comes down to.

KP said...

I think I watched that. It's one of the older shows from like 9 plus months ago, right?

I cringed at most of what was said. But like you said, it boils down to ignorance. Folks tend to speak the loudest about things they don't understand.

Wonder Curl said...

I tell anyone that all hair is good with the right cut and products.

KP said...

To add to what you said, Scarlett.... If the hair isn't healthy, it can only LOOK good w/ products and a good cut.

Products are one [important] part of the equation, but if it's healthy too, it's DEFINITELY good. Healthy hair = Good hair. :)