Monday, May 24, 2010

Who wants to style MY hair?

I need your help. I'm what they call "styling challenged", and tend to stick with what doesn't require too much work or maintenance. Actually, I'm NOT styling challenged. I just lack the patience to try a lot of new things. I know....shame on me. I especially lack in this patience since the least amount of manipulation, the better in terms of damage minimization.

Protective styling has been integral in me maintaining and growing my hair to waist-length stretched(before cutting in Dec.), along with allowing me to remain active without fear of looking like Sideshow Bob after a heavy work out or after working in the yard. LOL! But as summer approaches and my impending [hair]cut nears, I want to try something new. Something a little funkier. Something a bit more daring.

Because I'm not THAT daring, I'm enlisting in my lovely and talented Naturalistas to help me out.

I need you to send me some youtube vids or pics of cute styles you think would work on me. Now, it doesn't mean I'll consider them ALL, but I'm willing to try something different. And who knows! I may even find a new signature style.

So.....send me those links, pics and vids!! There may even be a prize for the person who sends the chosen style. Who knows?

I AM full of surprises, you know. ;)


Mzmillion said...

...because I know you don't want too much manipulation and because this style is easy(you may have done it, let me know and I'll find another), I think this would look great for you.

You can do this after you've had your hair twisted up for a couple days and need something quick, different and easy.

Taren shows the sideways curls

KP said...

Thanks girlie! I'll check that link out!