Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What relaxing and scalp tension CAN do to your hair

We have Naomi Campbell, one of THE most gorgeous women in the world. Outside of her legal troubles, she is an undeniable beauty who has made her mark in the fashion industry for more than 20 years.

But even in that, she can't escape the damage sustained from constant relaxing and weave-wearing. I'm not a dermatologist, but it appears she suffers from either(or both) chemical and traction alopecia.

It's a shame.

This pic was posted to one of my favorite natural hair websites, Naturallycurly.com, by "Shellye", who likely found this pic on the dailymail.co.uk website.



Kendra said...

Yes I saw this and thought one thing... UGH!!! This is a true thing that can happen and has happened to many who wear weaves and get chemicals put on their hair. Now she has to wear a weave to cover this madness up. So Sad. Is there a way to grow hair back when it gets like this?

KP said...

I'm not sure if there's anything that can fix this. When you do enough damage to you scalp, sometimes the damage can be permanent.

Only a dermatologist can assess whether it can be remedied. But since Naomi's livelihood is reliant upon her looks, she'll continue to wear the weaves, which will likely pull out whatever hair she has left because the weight of the extensions are going to constantly pull the hair and put tension on the scalp.

Kendra said...

yeah, she may need to switch to lace fronts... Pictures like this make me even more proud to wear my natural hair.

Sha said...

I don't know mych about weaves but what kind of weave was she getting that could do this to her scalp? Was it glued on her scalp? That pic is really sad.

KP said...

Sha, if her hair was already damaged from relaxing and fragile, the weight of anything sewn in too tightly can cause that.

Heck, relaxing and pulling your hair back to much into a ponytail can cause breakage.

Too much tension and damage from relaxing can cause more problems than folks realize.

And that pic IS really sad.

tiff said...