Friday, July 16, 2010

"If there is problem, YO, I'll solve it...."

Before I get carried away with the lyrics of that infamous one hit wonder, let me get into the purpose of this post. :) That one modified lyric was just a corny idea that led me to something new that I've been interested in trying out.

Q & A's VIA VIDEO! Whoot whoot! LOL!

I tend to get quite a few questions from those who peruse the site, twitter, or from ladies who email me personally. And while I'm hopeful I've been able to help those ladies, why not let others in on it too?

Plus, I think it would be cool to do video responses to those questions. I may have to give the Old Spice Guy credit for being my inspiration, though. :P

So, do you have any questions? It can be hair related or not. I'm pretty open to anything, minus anything foolywang in nature. :P

1 comment:

janelle said...

do you have any tips for dry, itchy scalps?
i've previously tried giovanni tea tree triple treat,
and while it helped a bit,
it hasn't solved the problem.
my hair is soft,
and isn't lacking moisture,
but my scalp isn't getting any moisture, i suppose.
any advice?