Friday, July 9, 2010

Natural Hair: Reality TV Edition


Meet Monet Stunson, the Miss Illinois 2009 winner up, model and current house-guest vying for the $500,000 prize on Big Brother 12. I think she may even be the first Natural I've seen on the show. Don't quote me on that, but I think I *may* be right!

Firstly, I LOVE this show and secretly wish I had the cajones to try out. But unfortunately, I lack in that department and live vicariously through my favorite participants. Although the season JUST started, one couldn't NOT notice Monet's lovely locs. I wonder what she uses. Maybe we'll get a glimpse on Big Brother After Dark? :P

And is it bad that I'm rooting for her just because she's a Naturalista? :P I'm so biased. I also think it would be kinda funny if she's the saboteur! Juicy!


Sarai said...

Lol well if you're biased, then so am I! I want her to win!

beautifulms said...

Me three! I am biased too, we call it 'positive discrimination'

KP said...

LMAO! @ "positive discrimination". :P

Anonymous said...

I love this show, too. (And your blog.)
Monet's hair looks great.
Did you watch last year? Chima, the only player of color, had like three tons of weave. LOL. So Monet is refreshing. I'm pulling for her, too, as of now. BUT if she turns out to be as crazy or annoying as Chima was last year, I'm jumping ship on her. LOL

Jai said...

I'm cheering her on too, I think she is the first natural sista.
She won $10,000 last night so she's off to a good start. :)

KP said...

Chima was a HOT ASS MESS! I hated that she made herself into a villain. And yes, the 3 tons of weave just wasn't doing it for me. LOL!