Sunday, August 15, 2010

Product Review: Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol Super Shine & Moisturize Deep Conditioning Creme


I had to cut the name of the product short just in case it was cut off. lol

Anyway, I used Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol Super Shine & Moisturize Deep Conditioning Creme for Damaged Hair this past Thursday for the first time. I generally avoid the cholesterol conditioners mostly because they're not conditioning enough. Once rinsed out, it's as if I didn't use anything and I normally just surmise that you get what you pay for, which in this case, cost around $3 bucks.

But on this particular occasion, I was pleasantly surprised.

First, let me post the ingredients: Cholesterol Creme: Deionized Water , *Cetearyl Alcohol , *PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil , *Stearalkonium Chloride , *Cetyl Alcohol , *Stearyl Alcohol , *Olive Oil , *Propylene Glycol , *Glycerin , Mineral Oil , *Tea Tree Oil , *Jojoba Oil , *Avocado Oil , *Coconut Oil , Egg Protein , Cholesterol , *Aloe Vera Extract , *Calendula Extract , *Lemon Extract , *Rose Mary Extract , *Great Burdock Extract , *Ivy Extract , *Pine Extract , S*age Extract , *Watercress Extract , *Chamomile Extract , *White Nettle Extract , *Capucine Extract , Fragrance , Methyl Paraben , Propyl Paraben , Diazolidinyl Urea , DMDM Hydantoin , Disodium EDTA , D&C Yellow #10 , FD&C Yellow #5 , FD&C Blue #1 , FD&C Red #33.

*Fatty alcohols are emollients and impart a softness to the hair and skin.
* These are also emollients, with jojoba oil being a wax that is similar to the natural sebum produced by the scalp.
*Natural humectants
*An oil that helps to kill bacteria on the scalp, helping to normalize it.
*Extracts of varying purposes and degrees, but most of which involve soothing the hair and scalp and imparting some type of conditioning affect.
*Conditioning agent.

Now to the nitty gritty.

  • Easy to apply. I smoothed the creme on and there was almost an immediate slip. Not a lot of slip, but adequate enough where I was able to get good coverage without having to slather on half of the bottle and where I could finger detangle without difficulty.
  • Pleasant smell. It's light and doesn't linger too much.
  • A good mix of nourishing ingredients. Most of the ingredients boast of emollients, conditioning agents and good extracts.
  • The price. I mean, it's around $3 bucks at Target for a 20 oz tub and I barely scraped the surface of the jar.
  • A little apparently goes a long way. Which translates into it lasting me for at least 2 months.
  • My hair felt pretty good. Not as good with my favorite DT, but not as bad as the crappy ones I've tried.
  • It's thick and creamy. I could've added this with the "a little goes a long way" bullet, but eh...I decided to create another one. It's not AS thick and creamy as the DPR-11, but it's a close third.
  • Not AS moisturzing as I'd like. Because I AM using the DPR-11 as my benchmark, most will likely not meet my expectations. It made an honest effort, though.
  • I would like it to have more slip. Just a bit more. Although it was adequate, the product doesn't just melt into a buttery goodness like I'm accustomed to. Call me spoiled. ;)
  • It would be nice if it didn't have so many artificial colorants and preservatives, but not everything can be natural.
ETA(2/6/11): It actually DOES provide quite a bit of slip. Maybe it was the weather and porosity of my hair at the time, but it gives a good amount of slip. Again, not as much as the older formula of the DPR-11, but it's up there. Especially when used on freshly washed and conditioned hair.

All in all, it's not a bad product.

Did I FINALLY find my replacement DT? Unfortunately, I'm not so sure. But this was still a pleasant surprise, and I like these types of surprises. Especially when considering the price, how much product you're getting, how little is required and how much usage you can get over a couple of months(possibly). So I'd definitely recommend giving it a try, if ONLY for the price and ease of availability. As someone who doesn't always wanna order things online, it's nice to know you can find decent products on the ground.

Hope this has been helpful!

Natural Urbanista

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