Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The search for a replacement DT continues.....

As some of you know, I've been on the search for a new DT since my Elasta QP DPR-11 went and changed up on me. *insert two thumbs down*. I haven't done a real DT in awhile, and it's LOOOOOONG overdue. The high temps in the area have done a number on my hair and I needed to at least try out some products to see if I can find a stateside and inexpensive winner.

Enter *takes long breath* Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol Super Shine & Moisturize Deep Conditioning Creme for Damaged Hair. *phew*


I know....too damn long of a name, BUT the ingredients don't look too bad, with the exception of the colorants and preservatives(and mineral oil). BUT my Elasta had a few of what would be considered "naughty" ingredients and I use "naughty" ingredients in moderation since I'm on what is considered a modified CG routine. And since the mineral oil isn't first in the ingredient list, I'm giving it a chance. At least for now since it only cost me around $3 bucks.

Hopefully I'll come back tomorrow or the day after with some positive results. If not, you KNOW imma break it doooooown for y'all. :)

Natural Urbanista


Kerri said...

Hey Natural Urbanista (love the Blog btw), I've had some good results (lately) with this brand. I've tried the shea butter and mango, flavor...scent...whatever u call it :)with the addition of extra virgin olive oil and Herbal essences hello hydration conditioner and using a heating cap for an hour. My hair came out soft and fluffy! and lasted a while!
Hopefully, it works for you too...especially at that price! :-)

KP said...

Thank you!! I've used the Shea Butter and Mango with so-so results, so I'm not as enthusiastic outside of the fact that it does seem much thicker. I may add a little something extra over top for more conditioning, but I hope that it works too! :P