Monday, August 16, 2010

Who's ready for a Natural/Curl Gathering in the DMV?

For those unfamiliar, I'm a member of, and have organized the last maybe 3 gatherings in the last 3 years. The last one being our BIGGEST turnout with almost 20(if not more) ladies in attendance.

We had a ball!! It was so nice seeing familiar faces and meeting new ladies who we may have interacted with, but hadn't necessarily met in real life.

And now I'm ready to combine my naturals and curly girls from Twitter and beyond for our next gathering!! Bigger and better!!! Ladies from different walks of life and different backgrounds!

A tentative date for October 24th has been set(Yes, that's a Sunday). MARK YOUR CALENDERS!!!!!If there are ANY changes, I'll will post them accordingly. Location and time will be updated on here, twitter, and on, but I'm REALLY close to reserving a nice space. Just need to get a head count and I'd need all of you to make it out! The more people, the better the space!!! :)

For my followers, product manufacturers and sellers who have products you'd like to donate as door prizes, please hit me up on at I'd love for you all to offer up products to new buyers and hopefully earn some repeat business as a result. Again, if you're interested, email me asap!

Additionally, all who are interested in attending, please email me with your name and contact information so that I can compile a list of attendees! And I request that if you RSVP and have to cancel, to PLEASE do so within a ONE week of the gathering!!!

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