Thursday, September 9, 2010

I wonder if this is still good.....

About 4 years ago, I lucked up and bought a 10lb bucket of Dead Sea Mud. Yes, I said 10lbs, for $20 bucks. Yup...$20 bucks. And it's from a well-known company from Israel, so I was stoked! Fast forward to now, and I still have like half of this pail left. LOL!


It still looks good and still works well, so I wonder if the shelf life generally given of 1-2 years is just a low end estimate?

Have any of you all had natural items that you've used beyond its "expiration" date? Considering how much is left, there's no way I'm tossing it. I just may do more body spa treatments. Especially on my more blemished areas.

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BreukelensFinest said...

i have never heard of dead mud. what results did you have with it?

KP said...

Dead sea mineral mud is like most other muds, except it gets it's name from the region it comes from, which is the Dead Sea near Israel.

It's mineral-rich and helps to draw out the toxins from your skin.