Monday, April 19, 2010

Graduation hair.....Any ideas??

The last time I participated in a graduation ceremony it was outdoors, near 100 degrees, and it was the year that cicadas decided to annoy the HELL outta me! Hard to stay cool and composed while batting big a** bugs out of your face with the 100 degree sun bearing down on you in your hot, black cap and gown. Did I mention it was humid too?

I straightened my hair that year. Waste of time. I left before the ceremony was over because it was THAT hot, and when I got home, washed my hair again and wore my hair curly. I also was able to display my two-toned forehead; the wonderful parting gift left as a result from the sun beaming on my head and cap. No, you don't want to see pics of it. I think it took two months for my forehead to even out! LOL!

This ceremony(for my 2nd Master's), will be held INSIDE. Wohoo! *does happy dance* So, I can try something somewhat creative. Well, creative enough to fit under my cap, which I hope fits since I had to measure my head myself.

Maybe a twist-out low bun?

Maybe I can straighten/curl it for a few days?

Still undecided.

But I know a WnG is OUT of the question. Cap wouldn't fit!


Fleurzty said...

My sister did a low bun for hers, and it turned out really nice.

I did a small twistout. I took the twists out when they were at least 90-95% dry. I did the twists very small so they wouldn't puff up under the cap.

Congrats on your second master's :)

KP said...

I'm leaning more towards the low twist-out bun.

I did a twist out on 95% dry hair today and HATED IT. :( My hair looks crappy and I've NEVER had a crappy twist-set. I've learned that my hair looks better when twisted on wet hair. Otherwise it looks sad. Very sad. lol

And thanks!

Suburbanbushbabe said...

How about that partial updo? I think it would look great.

KP said...

I can only do that if it fits under the mortar board. :) I always have difficult keeping them on even with straight hair! LOL!

I have been toying with a style though that could be cute(it's a partial up-do)I may post pics of it if I take my twists out today.