Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Notre Dame's Valedictorian is Black......AND NATURAL!

Now, her being natural isn't the most important thing to discuss. Nor is her being Black. Her becoming valedictorian is a MAJOR academic accomplishment, so a kudos and congratulations are in order for her hard work AND diligence.

But one can't gloss over her lovely twists and twist-out. :)

Although, I'd love for it to be seen as "normal" when people of color excel at institutions of higher learning, regardless of whether it's a predominately White university. It shouldn't be newsworthy, but I hope it serves to inspire and encourage the youth from her hometown of Gary, Indiana, and those spread across the country.




ChocolateOrchid said...

Awesome! She and her hair are beautiful. And yes, I'm lovin' it because Notre Dame's black valedictorian is natural.

Represent girl!!

KP said...

I agree! I hope she continues to do well in her pursuit of attending John Hopkins.