Thursday, April 22, 2010

Twists on dry hair? A no-go for moi.

I decided to try twisting on dry hair, or at least 95% dry. My hair felt lovely(after using my Broaer conditioner), so I was pretty confident my twists would look as nice as my hair felt.

WRONG!!! I repeat....WRONG!

They look sad. So sad, I've put my hair in a low-bun. I NEVER wear low-buns or ANY buns on freshly twisted hair. I let them free, but it looked THAT BAD. The only good thing is that it looks decent in a bun, but my twist out will look pathetic should I even attempt to wear one. I may just cowash with my twists in just to give them life again before even considering wearing a twist out.

So, what have I learned?

1. Unless I'm doing fat twists, I cannot do [my regular-sized] twists on dry hair.

2. My twists look MUCH BETTER when twisted on wet/damp hair. Product penetrated better and my twists look like, you know...I actually spent the last hour and a half twisting them. lol

3. I know that if I have a crappy hair day, the bun will never let me down.

4. No more dry twists attempts in the middle of the week. ;)

ETA: "Proof" of crappy twists, since no one believes me. :P Try to keep your *side-eyes* at a minimum. LMAO!

Frizzy/fuzzy crown

Unwanted asymmetrical-ness. lol

Scraggly-looking ends lacking plumpness


Sweetallure said...

I'm so jealous you guys can bun.... I can't so when I have bad hair day, its either a puff of banana clipped hair.

KP said...

You'll be able to bun in NO TIME! :) And trust me, once you're able to, you'll be itching to cut it I am right now. :P

Fina said...

OMG I have no idea what you are talking about. They look amazing, I wish mine were that long and juicy looking!

KP said...

Thanks Fina, but trust me when I say it's the camera. LOL! HD cameras make EVERYTHING look better. :P

Suburbanbushbabe said...

But how did the twistout look?

KP said...

It didn't look good at all, Suburban. But then again, I like my twist-outs to look a certain way. It just wasn't doing it for me.

With wet twists and the subsequent twist-out, there's a uniformity I don't get with WnGs. With the dry twist out, I'd have to roll the ends just for it to be worn like I normally would wear a twist-out. :(