Monday, May 10, 2010

Are lacefronts really THAT BAD?!

*pic courtesy of

*pic courtesy of

Now, I'm not talking about the fronts that look a hot mess, like pictured above(wrong...oh SO wrong unnamed celebrity Misses), but those that are properly put on and worn as an alternative style.

As naturals, many of us look for alternative styling methods that serve as protective styling; minimizing instances of potential damage and over-manipulation. Many of these ladies have resorted to regular wigs AND lacefronts. After you've exhausted the twists and braids(and subsequent twist/braid-outs), the bantu knots, flat-twists/cornrows, buns, coils, etc...why NOT try something that gives your hair a break? What's wrong with lacefronts gone GOOD?

Or is that an oxymoron? LOL!

Now, I've been eying a wig for awhile(pictured below, from, but unlike the many lacefronts I've seen rocked, it's rather close to my natural texture and made of natural hair. I can easily straighten my own hair if I want a straight look, but I've never had longish naturally curly/kinky hair, and the wig actually gives me an idea of how it could possibly look.


And I think it's cute. :) Better pics and description of the wig can be found here.

Although cute, I've been reluctant as I'm unsure as to the practices used in obtaining human hair. Not with this particular company, but generally speaking.

So are lacefronts really that bad, or are the people caught rocking them poorly REALLY to blame? LOL!


Angelique said...

I think its the people who wear them and look a hot mess that gives lacefronts a bad name. I also have been eyeing a couple of lacefronts for this summer.

KP said...

That's how I feel right now. Just like with weaves. If you wear 'em right(use hair that looks closest to your ACTUAL texture), it looks believable and not silly.

Christine said...

Whoever is putting them on for the people are to blame... I mean ive even seen beyonces slip up.


KP said...

Pretty much, Christine. I watched a video tutorial at my local beauty supply store, and it appears that folks aren't cutting the weft part short enough. You're not supposed to see that part. But then again, I've never worn one so I could be wrong. lol

Ms-gg said...

Girl I was at work and this lady had the nerve to rock a lacefront with the front net showing all along her front hairline! I was too through! And she was looking at my twists like something was wrong with my head lol! Oh the irony!

KP said...

Woooooow. Maybe she was just mad that she KNEW the hair was looking a mess and jealous that you can rock your natural beauty w/o worrying about what she or anyone else thinks. :P