Thursday, May 6, 2010

"The View'" and their views on why Black women don't wear their natural hair

Can you already sense the eyerolls over here? As soon as I watched the clip, I felt my lips turn into a semi-snarl, my nose begin flare, and the eyeballs start to rolling. Almost did a neck roll, too. ESPECIALLY when discussing Tyra's "natural" hair.

Excuse me while I go and laugh.

Okay....I'm back now.

I'm sure this has been discussed before as the clip is 7 months old, if not longer. I love when folks assume to know why a woman does what she does. Particularly why BLACK women do some of the things we do, as if we're of the same mind, motivation, background, or life experience.

And I particularly LOVE when there's a blanketed assumption that Black women DON'T do something. Yes, that was sarcasm.

While yes, the majority of us don't wear our natural hair, to phrase and present it as if it's a complete anomaly is misleading. Come to D.C. Walk through U Street or near Howard. Heck, just walk THROUGH D.C., and you'll be surprised at how many naturals are walking around, and this includes those who are loc'd, loose, in protective styling, and those who occasionally switch up their styles to where you WOULDN'T know until water hits their hair and their roots show more Africa than Europe.

And don't get me started on the statement that you can do more with straight hair. I do more with my natural hair than I did as a permie. In fact, I wore it mostly just out or in a ponytail. Yes, SUCH variety for me......NEXT! lol Okay, I'm being silly, but can you understand why? Assumptions, assumptions, ASSUMPTIONS!

Or the statement that [Black] women with THAT kind of curly hair(emphasis on THAT) aren't easily hired on t.v. WHAT?! Again, I say WHAT!? Yes, Joy said that. I don't think that it's about being easily hired. It's about women who aren't afraid of being their natural selves for fear of NOT getting the job because of the PREFERENCE for straight hair in society; the idea of conformity equaling acceptance. The idea that more Euro-centric attributes are more acceptable. Anyway, most employers look for overall professionalism and credentials. Whether your hair is natural nowadays is of minute importance. Apparently Joy hasn't heard of Melba Tolliver(one of the pioneer natural anchorwomen), Good Morning America's Robin Roberts , or CNN's Amy Holmes ? And what about the comment that Sherri has "nice hair, natural". So only her type is nice? Whose type ISN'T nice, naturally? Maybe I'm reading too much into the comments.

Now, there WERE some valid points, so I won't throw too many stones. LOL! But the assumptions show just how unenlightened many are on the subject.

So, what say you? What are YOUR views on the ladies of "The View" and their comments on Black women and our hair?


Romney said...

I'm just going to save myself from even watching that nonsense. I'm sure I'll find it as sick as Chris Rock's attempt to discuss "Good Hair" in that train wreck of a movie.

Ok, I lied. So I went to watch it, I am a huge Whoopi fan and I had absolutely no problem with what she had to say. She makes a valid point, where are the afro and kinky weaves?

When my hair was relaxed I only wore it down. I never even put my hair in a ponytail. I think relaxed hair is much more limited with styles versus natural hair.

I think Sherri is full of crap. Who said you do not get hired because of your natural hair. That's a damn lie. Comments like hers only set us back. Employers are not worried about what your hair looks like, as long as you keep it appropriate for your work field and don't come in looking like a hot mess, what's the problem??

KP said...
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KP said...

Yup. But we ALSO must remember Sherri was also part of the "panel discussion" concerning why Black women can't get a man.

Nuff said.

Mzmillion said...

I didn't even watch this whole thing...

When the conversation of black women and natural hair brought up to a black woman with weave down her back, she always "tries" to be pro-natural with the comments of "I think its great but I wouldn't look good" as a way to get herself off the hook.

I do agree with Sherri on the statement of growing up and the only thing you say was long, blonde, straight hair so yes that was a valid point(I didn't watch more after that).

The whole Tyra controversy was hilarious... still is because some people believe that natural black hair looks like that... uhh no, permed black hair weaveless looks like that, there is a difference.

Whoopi's point on why not afro weaves or curly weaves was unaddressed it seemed, just "oh yea'd" but not discussed.

In my personal opinion natural hair is still not socially accepted as much as straight hair, or even weaved hair. It's making headway in commercials and product pushing but not anywhere else...really. I'm not here to promote natural hair to anyone but I love how when there is a natural woman in a room and the discussion comes up, black women who wear weave or permed there whole life ALWAYS get defensive...

mizChartreuse said...

I agree with much of what you said. I watched this episode way back when, and many things about this clip irk me.

I don't care for Joy Behar speaking on behalf of what black women can or can't do with their hair. Sure, she naturally has that kinky Jewfro, but her hair is still WAY different from mine if we were to compare our natural states.

And I agree--I've done SO MANY MORE creative different things with my natural curls than with my relaxed or extensioned hair! Such bullocks.

Then there was Sherri's comment about how natural sisters don't get hired.

Wrong! You even wrote that post about that fantastic actress who is all over TV, and I ALWAYS notice her and her fabulous twist outs! I'm seeing more and more naturals on TV and in movies lately; I think people like Sherri are just in denial or trying to justify their actions.

She also said something about the media liking longer hair--well, YOU are a perfect case in point that OUR HAIR DOES AND CAN AND WILL GROW IF YOU TREAT IT RIGHT.

It's funny, the whole time Sherri and Joy were trying to explain away the reasons, Whoopi was sitting there on the side rolling her eyes, like, "Whatever, you both are talking out your asses."

Also, it was sad to see Sherri's real hair growing out of her head when she took off her wig. Her hair was frail, damaged, and VERY thin at the crown. She certainly has enough hair on her head to grow back her own and style that!

Ultimately, it's FINE for women to do whatever they want to do with their hair-straightening, weaving, whatever--but don't make excuses for why you or other women aren't natural. The arguments just don't hold water anymore!

Good post. I know I'm late to the party, but had to throw my 86 cents in. :)