Monday, June 7, 2010

And the winner of the Get Set Hair Jelly by Wonder Curl is.......


You know I find this funny, right? Only my Naturalistas from Naturally Curly will understand why. :P

Congrats to you, chica!! Since you were one of the 30 or so who completed the survey before the glitch was corrected, I need you to email your contact/mailing information so that the Jelly can be mailed to you! And thanks to everyone who participated. Your contributions will help assist Scarlett in creating products specific to all of your needs. This is something that we all look for in products, natural or otherwise.

There also may be other giveaways in the future from Wonder Curl, so keep a look out!

Again, thanks to EVERYONE who completed the survey!


Ms-gg said...

Lol! She would win! :P

Love you Empress! Ms-gg

EmpressRi said...

Hahaha love you eccentric_kurlz and ms-gg!!!!!!

Thanks! EK I emailed you :)