Sunday, June 6, 2010

One of my earliest inspirations

There were many MANY naturals that have and continue to inspire me everyday, but I can remember one curly who was always encouraging and also gave me hope of having long hair. Especially after her telling me that my hair at a shorter length resembled hers. That was probably because I was coloring my hair(which loosened my natural curls, lol). Anyway, while long(er) length isn't necessarily my goal anymore, she was one of the few highly textured haired ladies I knew that had at the very least reached waist-length, if not tailbone length, UNSTRETCHED.

For those who are members on LHCF or Naturally Curly, you would know this chica as "Midnite Curls". Her fotki and other accounts are no longer active, so I couldn't get many of the longer hair pics, but I did manage to keep two of her pics as inspiration many years ago. Hopefully she won't mind. :)

This pic is of her hair at APL unstretched.


And her hair at just beyond BSL unstretched, which you KNOW was at tailbone once straightened.


ETA: One of my AWESOME Naturalistas, HennaRo, found a sorta newish pic showing her hair at beyond waist-length, unstretched.


That's A LOT OF HAIR! LOL! WAY more than I could handle, but as you can see....textured hair CAN GROW. :)


Ms-gg said...

She has beautiful hair!

SoulfulSista said...

She is definitely inspiration. Thanks for posting.

τreciä said...

pretty! Not going to start a debate here but agreed our hair can grow regardless of our texture.

KP said...

Trecia...Textured hair, regardless of "type", can grow as long as we treat it well, and treat our bodies well. Period. So we are of the same viewpoint so debate wouldn't be necessary. :)

I dislike when I hear the misconception that Black hair doesn't/can't grow. It DOES and many loc'd and loose naturals(those who wear their natural hair out/unloc'd) are proof of that.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Her hair is gorgeous. Although I wouldn't want to take care of this much hair it's health, especially at this length is nothing short of inspirational.

blogoratti said...

Great hair...natural all the way!

EmpressRi said...

Dang how did I miss this lovely!!! I looove her hair!