Friday, June 4, 2010

I figured out how to do the Corinne Bailey Rae!!!

And I didn't even think my flat-twists would result in said style, but it makes PERFECT SENSE!

I decided to take down my flat-twists yesterday to wear out; sat on the couch and proceeded to do so, not looking at a mirror or caring how it looked at that point. Figured I'd pull it back with a headband or scarf anyway so even if it looked a little crazy, I was prepared.

I get up to see what I would be working with and wouldn't you know.....I achieved the Corinne Bailey Rae(aka as the "CBR"). I was BEYOND excited. I literally started hopping up and down with glee. Seriously. And yes, I'm a grown woman getting excited over my hair. LOL!

The pic below was literally taken as soon as I got to a mirror. No fluffing. Just unraveled and went snap with my phone. LOL!


So how did I do it, you ask?

  • I lightly blow-dried (using the lowest setting), using a paddle brush to help extend and dry quicker.
  • Used only my leave in and oil(see previous blog posting).
  • After wearing my hair in a loose/fluffy twist out, I sectioned/parted my hair into 7, starting from the right and applied Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer to each section being flat-twisted(focusing on the ends).
  • I sealed my ends with my Natural Oasis oil, twisted those same twists into one big twist, tucked under and pinned, and covered with a satin scarf at night.
  • The next day, I just unraveled and that's it!
For a fuller look, you can fluff it out more. I also was able to pull back into a really cut fluffy puff. :) Got a lot of attention from it yesterday. :)

Can you tell I was sorta feeling myself by the time I took this? LMAO! :P



Anonymous said...

i can't wait until my hair is this big lol

mizChartreuse said...

Looks SO great!! Loving it!

KP said...

Thanks, ladies!!

janelle said...

i LOVE this look on you.
even the flat twists look awesome!

you inspired me to try flat twists
(i'm @freeyourheart on twitter),
and they didn't turn out as well as yours.

it was so bad,
i didn't even take a pic.
i transitioned for 8 months,
and have been natural for one,
so maybe i need to give myself another couple of months to get some length to try this again.

thanks for the inspiration!

EmpressRi said...