Friday, June 18, 2010

Stylist Spotlight with Shannon


As some of you may (or may not) already know, I wanted to showcase some natural stylists on my site. At first I was going to strictly focus on local stylists, but I felt like I was doing a disservice to my Naturalistas who aren’t local and are in search of a stylist who works with all types of natural hair.

So this time around, we’re taking our spotlight down south… Texas. :)

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to ask Shannon (aka @Sassy_Roots on Twitter), who is a natural stylist/loctician in the Houstan area, a few questions about herself. Below you’ll find our interview and some pics highlighting some her talent.

NU: How long have you been a natural hair stylist/loctician?

Shannon: I made the transition from relaxing hair to loving natural in 2008.

NU: What made you want to focus on natural hair care, or was that always your focus?

Shannon: It was about five and half years ago when I made the transition from being a part of the creamy crack family. Now being a part of what I call "The Curly Elite" has brought me so much love and inspiration. I had to become deeply rooted in knowledge and educate others in my journey. I am perpetually intrigued with natural hair and love to dig right into all the different textures of our hair.

NU: If someone was considering loc'ing their hair, what would they need to know and/or do?

Shannon: First, breathe….(Embrace your in-between stage). Don't just ask people for advice, actually do the research yourself. There are great websites and blogs (wink) that give great insight, support and advice. Next, find a stylist that can walk with you through your journey. Not just a stylist who will get you in and toss you away without the proper knowledge for at home care. Home [hair] care is very important! If I care for your hair, I definitely want my client to care about their hair as well.

NU: What advice do you give your clients concerning hair care and maintenance that you can share with my readers?

Shannon: Advice that I can give is to actually pay attention to what your stylist is doing to your hair. Find women and men alike who have natural hair and locs that can encourage you on your journey. Condition!! Condition!! Condition!! It’s SO important. Your natural hair is like that homey, lover-friend…..You have to have an ongoing relationship with it. Show love to it by massaging it and playing in it. Just like a relationship, it has to be shown attention because if not, it will BREAK(off) up with you...

I have to say, those last couple of sentences puts the relationship between our hair and ourselves into perspective quite nicely, don't you think? ;)

Anyway, for those in the Houston area who might be interested in maybe scheduling an appointment or consultation (if provided), Shannon works at the Priority Barber Salon, located at 15207 Vickery Drive, Houston, TX, 77032. She can be reached at






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