Monday, July 5, 2010

Goody Spin Pins....Where have you been all of my life?

Dramatic? Maybe. But I can't believe I let my doubt in these pins keep me from trying them out. Maybe I thought the close to $7 bucks was too expensive(I'm cheap, y'all), considering I didn't know if they'd work. The commercials always showed some loose wavies or straight-haired women.

If you all haven't hair isn't naturally straight. :P

But the curiosity got the best of me and I purchased them. My hair is in twists, which is my normal style since it involves minimal manipulation and I can stretch it out to multiples styles over a two week span(should I so choose). So I thought, if these things can hold 75+ twists, I'm sold.

So while walking around(not in a mirror), I proceeded to twist my hair into a bun and then twisted the pins into my hair. It was rather easy, which surprised me, but what surprised me MORE was that my hair stayed put. No movement. Nice, firm hold. I can't even get that with a ponytail holder and 15 bobby pins! And it's not uncomfortable. Even as I'm typing this, my hair is in a bun.

Below is my first attempt at using the pins. Not bad, right? :)


And they were easy to remove. So yes, I'm sold. If you haven't tried them, go do it. It makes bunning SO much easier.


Laquita said...

Wow great results - I was very curious about those pins. I'll have to get some. Thanks for sharing.

KP said...

Make sure you pay attention to the color! I just picked up a box, not realizing they come in blonde and brunette. I had to switch out the blonde for the brunette. :P