Friday, July 2, 2010

Hairstyle Rewind--Flat-ironed hair

One of the misconceptions about natural hair is that it’s hard to straighten it. Not true. In fact, it’s not difficult at all and I’ve been able to straighten it without heat damage or reversion issues.

My straightening routine is pretty simple:

  • Wash, conditioner and DT hair with my choice of staple products. In the pictures below, I believe I used Elucence MBS, Elucence MBC, and no DT at that time.
  • I use a light leave in(typically PM, The Conditioner) and coat hair with an oil blend and either lightly blow-dry fluffy, or let my hair air-dry in twists.
  • After allowing my hair to settle, I section my hair into 4, working from the back to the front, using a simple multiple-setting ceramic iron(it was under $50 bucks).
  • I use an oil blend(Natural Oasis Styling Oil) on each piece being straightened until I’ve completed my entire head.
  • After complete, I oil my ends and wrap in a satin scarf and leave on until ready to wear out. I sometimes use a serum that has a few silicones in it. This is the ONLY time I use products with silicones typically, since it helps to repel moisture.

The pics below highlight the outcome. These were taken in November 2008.

Hair after straightening 11/21

Hair after straightening 11/21

Hair after straightening 11/21

I typically straighten during the cooler months since it’s typically not humid, as humidity and straight hair just doesn’t mix. So you won't ever see me rocking a straight 'do right now. ;)


Lady X said...

About your font, for some weird reason the brown background color of your blog wasn't showing the day I posted that comment but now it is and I feel silly! And your hair looks lovely and very healthy. Have you ever experienced any heat damage? I've heard a lot of naturals complain about heat damage.

KP said...

LOL! No need to feel silly. :) I was told for some it could possibly come out wonky depending on the browser or settings, so I did needed to make sure folks could read it anyway. ;)

Thank you and I think the only time I've really sustained what could be considered heat damage was when I lightened my hair back between '03-'05. Although, my hair always reverted back, albeit a little slowly(maybe a week for it go back to normal). That's one of the reasons I stopped coloring my hair, with the exception of doing henna every so often. But since I haven't done box color, I have no issues with heat damage or potential heat damage.

I also take every precaution. DT's before any type straightening, using the least amount of heat and using products that help minimize any potential.

Kendra said...

Your hair looks great! I use the InStyler when I straighten my hair... it seems to not do as much damage to my hair. I don't see anything wrong in changing things up from time to time.

KP said...

Thank you! And you're right! There's nothing wrong with switching it up at all!