Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Q & A's Segment for 7/27/10

Hello my lovelies! I've completed my first Q&A's video for this week. It may be a little rough(and you may need to turn the volume up high, lol), as I had just gotten off work when I started/finished and I was competing with loud central air in the background. LOL! I also noticed how I kept using the same word(s). I hate when I do that, but all in all, I liked how the video came out so it's staying!!! :) But if you have any additional questions about my recommendations, feel free to ask in the comment section or via email!

Also, feel free to send me some MORE questions! I'm more than happy and willing to answer anything you may have questions about and maybe my rec's will help you solve a hair problem!

Oh, and ignore the goofy face the video just happened to freeze on. Just my luck, huh? :P

Natural Urbanista


janelle said...

thank you for answering my question!
it just dawned on me that my mild eczema may also be in my scalp,
to a certain extent.
i don't have dandruff or sores,
but i probably do have it in my scalp too.
(i'm late,
but at least i'm on the bus. lol)

i am gonna add more water to my diet,
which really couldn't hurt anything.
i'm also gonna look into alma oil
and i heard kercare dry & itchy scalp is good, too.

i'll keep you posted!

KP said...

Not a problem, and definitely keep me posted!