Thursday, July 29, 2010

Working with natural hair

I don't mean working with it in terms of maintenance, but WORKING with it as in going to work and rocking it confidently.

There have been many discussions on many hair forums and on various blogs and it's always an interesting dialogue. Just yesterday I remember reading a post about a woman who had been natural for 2 years, but went back to the "creamy crack" (her words) because as a principal of a school, it just didn't seem as professional. Or rather, wasn't seen as professional.

That's so not true.

I know a high school principal in my city(yes, there's only ONE public high school, who rocks mid-back length and GORGEOUS locs. Might I add, I live in a predominantly White neighborhood.

When I hear people giving that excuse, it speaks to me of them just not being ready or willing to accept their hair. I'm sure that's not always the case, but it just screams of an excuse to go back to relaxing. I'd much rather hear a person say they just prefer straight hair. Some preferences just stem from what's considered a convenience, and not always about acceptance(although it CAN). If that's a preference, so be it. But to tell the person you're having this discussion with, "you have good hair, so you can wear your hair naturally", tells me that you've been brainwashed into accepting and perpetuating that good hair/bad hair mess.

This really needs to stop. Natural hair IS professional. I work in a veterinary practice and I work with two loc'd sistas(one who's a doctor), and myself and two other ladies are loose naturals(one's a nurse and the other is a doctor).

So, is it still unprofessional?

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bBreezy360 said...

you speak truth!! It would be so much easier it people were real with themselves. The question is, why do you have to search for an excuse to perm your hair? Like you said, just say you like it straight (all the time lol) we have already proven that permed hair is not "easier to manage" just if it was such a RIGHT thing to do...why look for an excuse?

BelovedOsaruchi said...

Well, until people can really love their hair in whatever state it's in, they won't appreciate it, relaxed or natural. It's been proven that it's not really the hair or the phase for the season, it's a mentality issue....

pettybo1 said...

Honestly? Saying it's easier to be yourself isn't true.If it was then everyone would do it. There is work before it gets easy. I think it's more about gaining personal peace of mind and feeling a sense of self through courage, practice(important!), perseverence and knowing that it's okay if some people don't get/like you. People will always see you within the context of themselves no matter what you do/how accepting they are/how much they love you. When you realize this, you discover that being yourself is more accommodating to your sanity instead of an access to ease.

As for the question: Yes! Natural hair can be professional if you get yourself in the mind set that there is room for you in the professional world. Be the change you want to see. With that said, I think it's an individual choice to decide what they want to do with their hair. My sister is texlaxed while I've been natural for 15 years. Her mindset is it's easier and that's the way it will be because of her thinking. For the first 5 mins I didn't get it because we have the same hair type that she admires(it's only good hair because I take care of it ;-/) but who cares. I adore her and accept her as she is. She'll do hers while I do me.