Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Did Laura follow in YaYa's footsteps?

--In terms of "maybe" permanently straightening her hair? I found a new pic of the naturally talented beauty today and while I'm accustomed to seeing Laura look like what's pictured below,


she showed up at the BET Rising Icons event showcasing a sleeker look.


Now, I will admit that she looks good. But I liked the more natural, less-done look that I'm used to. That's just my personal preference, although I do like to change up myself. :)

Anyway, I know it's her hair and every woman, natural or otherwise, has the right to style their hair however they see fit because it's only hair, right? But you know how protective many of us become when some of our favorite naturals change up on us! LOL!

So, do you like her new look?


LaNeshe said...

I prefer her more natural look. Hopefully she just pressed it. That is the beauty of being natural, you can press ur hair to wear it straight, and hit it with some water to make it curly again. But once you relax, you can't go back.

KP said...

I hope it's just a press, too. I guess time will tell. It's just too damn hot to straighten and the event was in NYC so I know it was hot. Is it bad I was looking for reversion? LMAO!

Vilese said...

I like her natural better, just my opinion.

beautifulms said...

I like it natural too, sorry but she looks less unique with the straight 'do.

Anonymous said...

Wow, now she looks like everyone else in hollywood. That's not a good thing!!!

LaNeshe said...

This post, and some of the comments prompted me to write a blog, check it out if you'd like