Friday, September 3, 2010

Fashion Find Friday!!! (yeah, just made it up)

After purchasing some cute(and on sale) items yesterday, I figured I'd share in my fashion finds. For anyone that doesn't know me.....I'm a Frugalista. You will NEVER and I mean NEVER find me paying retail for ANYTHING. I'm always looking for a deal.

It's just smart, I think, in today's economy.

Anyway, first up is a metallic silver purse by Kenneth Cole, purchased at my FAVORITE discount designer retailer, Filene's Basement.



Retail: $169.
Normal Price at Filene's: $99.99(and price at
MY price: $44.97 (SCORE!!)

I had been looking for a silver purse for a LONG time, and I'm picky. I prefer leather since it lasts longer and most of the silver (pvc) bags just look cheesy/cheap, although if you're lucky, you can find one that tricks you. It has a slouchy look and soft but firm feel. Very happy. :)

Next, a funky top by Vivienne Tam. The pic doesn't do it justice. It's kinda nostalgic for me since I had something similar as a kid. Difference being that it was multicolored and knotted near the ends. Wasn't sure how it would fit and didn't have time to try on because I was one of those shoppers who (w/a girlfriend) decided to buy stuff close to closing time. LOL!



Retail: $68.00
Filene's Price: $24.99

It's made of modal and cotton, so it has a very nice/soft, worn feel of t shirts that have been washed maybe 30 times, without LOOKING like it's been washed 30 times. :) It has a tee underneath with a "cut and sew" outer layer attached.

My last find comes courtesy(well, not really since I had to pay for it, lol) of Arden B. I love the look of military jackets, but I'm allergic to the prices. So finding this cutie on sale made my day.


Retail: $69.00
MY Price: $17.50(Wohoo!!)

It has a little bit of stretch, so it's not restricting like some military jackets can be, and has snap closures(instead of buttons), which means no worrying about buttons loosening. And you KNOW that can be a PAIN. It also has some unique snap placements which adds to its personality.Very cool. It's very well made.

All in all, I guess you can say I had a good time shopping. Always a good time when I can save a buck or two. ;)

Natural Urbanista


Angelique said...

I would rob you for all three pieces!!!

KP said...

LOL! It's nice to know my tastes in clothes are worth robbing. :P