Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ori Organics.....The Review


As I type, my hair is still slightly damp, but I feel pretty assured in how my hair will look and feel once 100% dry.

I started with a clean, DT'd slate. Washed, conditioned and DT'd before applying two products in particular: The Moisture Balancing Buttercream & the Curl Styling Buttercream. Now, I had used the Moisture Balancing cream last week as a moisturizer and it worked well for that. But I need it to also work well on twisting WET hair, and not just as a moisturizer.

I applied the MBB as I would any leave in, in sections from root to tip. I was alarmed at how non-existent the slip was. It didn't feel very moisturizing and I began to worry that maybe my expectations were premature. The same occurred with the CSB. Again, very little slip unless you're slathering it on. And by slathering, I mean being heavy-handed.

In light of this, I was thinking, "I guess I better get ready to post this on the swap board on" But I continued twisting and after finishing, I noticed how plump my strands felt, as well as how moist my hair felt. Almost heavy with moisture, and I didn't use a lot of product.

I then get excited. :)

My hair is about 80% dry and it's shiny, soft and it definitely isn't drying with a weighed down feel, but you can tell both products are doing what they claim. My twists also have less frizz than expected, which was a surprise.


Pic taken w/o the flash.


  • Good ingredients. Pretty explanatory. Full of emulsifiers, emollients, conditioning agents and herbal extracts. All with purported benefits to the hair.
  • Price. I purchased them on sale, so that was a HUGE reason for trying them. And even with the non-sale price and how little is needed to benefit, that makes it pretty much worth the price. I typically don't spend much on products, but a product's ability to stretch weighs more on my decision.
  • Fast shipping and responsive customer service. I purchased regular parcel shipping and they shipped priority. And when I had issues with the Curl Styling Buttercream not being filled to my satisfaction, they shipped a sample size to make up for the difference.
  • Could double as a skin moisturizer. My hands STILL feel soft. So if it doesn't work on your hair, it may work well as a skin moisturizer. :)


  • Yet another online-only product. Not a huge fan of ordering products online, unless it's for bulk and a great price. This reason can influence future repurchases, depending on my finances. We ARE in a recession, y'all.
  • Works better on dry hair. I noticed the Styling Buttercream seems WAY more concentrated when used on dry hair. It's not really a con per se, but it's interesting and worth noting.
  • Other two products purchased not up to snuff with the products reviewed today. I'll save those reviews for another day.

In summary, I definitely recommend giving these products a try. While I was slightly worried because of lack of slip, it was for naught as both worked well. Almost going against my belief that slip is important. Almost. ;)

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[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

I ordered a few samples the other day...can't wait to get them!

KP said...

I hope you like the products!