Friday, September 17, 2010

My scalp is not happy with me

I'm having a dilemma. One of which I wasn't expecting to have and will now have to search out the best solution.

As some of you may or may not have read in previous blog posts, I've had issues with dry scalp in the recent(and not so recent past). Some of the flakes WERE product related and I cut those products out of my rotation, which helped tremendously. But NOW it's happening again, and it's WAY worse than before. It always seems to favor one side just a bit more and the flakes seemed to have been friggin injected with steroids or something because it was/is RIDIC! You're not supposed to scratch your scalp because you're basically injuring it and all it will do, as a defense mechanism, is flake up again. Now, I literally HAD to at least gently remove those flakes because all of the scalp massages in the world wouldn't have removed them, but at gentle as I was, it caused that same section to flake up again, although not nearly as bad as it was Monday.

So now I need to determine the source:
  • Is it product related? I just started using Ori Organics(a couple of weeks ago), although I just tested some new products this week. I really hope it's not because of those products, as they have provided some of the best moisture to date. On a non-related note, those new product reviews will be posted in the coming days.
  • Is it hydration-relation? I have done a poor job of keeping hydrated over the last couple of weeks. Working weird/busy hours hasn't helped. No bueno. I've been upping the water intake as a result. Gotta do better.
  • Is it diet related? Again, this ties right along with hydration. My diet has suffered over the last few weeks to a month, and it's showing(fatigue). Making a conscious effort to make changes.
I'm going to start charting all of these items and noting what I've done and didn't do, what I've used and didn't used, as well as my stress levels along the way. There must be a correlation and I will figure it out because this stuff isn't cute AT ALL. LOL! Plus, scalp health is ESSENTIAL to hair health, and I'd hate to mess up any progress I've made.

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NinaG said...

I had the same issue and I ignored it for a long time. It led to breakage. When I finally went to the dermatologist, I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. I've stopped using hair products with fragrance a long time ago, but now I'm making sure to do hot oil treatments before I shampoo (and no oil on my scalp after its clean) and doing ACV rinses. So far things are looking good.

KP said...

I believe I have seborrhea dermatitis(my money is funny, so I can't afford to go to a dermatologist right now, but will in the near future). It actually was better for awhile(henna & amla treatments helped as they're antibacterial), and my hair just likes water on it, so I generally try not to go too long without cowashing. I also try to avoid products on my scalp, including most oils. If any oil goes on it, I'd use jojoba(since it mimics the natural sebum) infused with some tea tree oil.

ACV rinses are great for balancing out the pH and normalizing the scalp, so I think tomorrow I need to pick up some more. Haven't done a rinse in a few months. That also helped me in the past. I seriously just need to go to the grocery store PERIOD! LOL!

beauty.mindset said...

Yeah it might be dandruff as you said. Which can be dealt with my using medicated products etc.

If the flakes are small, they appear whilst you are combing and you scalp is itchy then it probably just dry, itchy scalp. But if they are big flakes and your scalp is greasy then maybe it's dandruff (soberrhea ..).

KP said...

Medicated products make it worse, @beauty.mindset. I've gone that route before and they just exasperated the problem. They're also big, greasy-looking flakes. Which is why I'm thinking it's seborrhea dermatitis.

The only products that really worked were those that were antibacterial/anti-fungal. I need to get back to using those products/ingredients more consistently again. I may just henna overnight tonight to get a head start on that. I always have clean/healthy scalp after hennaing.

Divafied Mama said...

I've noticed that with s. dermatitis you have to treat it almost like cradle cap. I figured that out when my daughter had it, and I wanted to figure it out if the same treatment would work. I heated up some olive oil, let it sit for 15 minutes, and used a toothbrush to gently lift up the flakes. Then wash and condition as usual. I was using the Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap but yeah I don't have funds like that. My scalp doesn't have flakes, and when I feel my scalp getting a little tight and itchy I "grease" my scalp using JBCO, sweet almond, rosemary and peppermint oils (sparingly). I usually only have to do this twice a week.