Monday, September 13, 2010


September 13, 2010

Just because a product is marketed as "natural" doesn't mean it will work best for your hair. Understand your hair's needs(learn to evaluate its condition, porosity, sensitivities, etc.) and what ingredients work best for it. If those ingredients encompass those that are considered "natural", then use those ingredients or product with those ingredients. But never feel obligated to use them because someone tells you they're best for your hair or because wearing your hair naturally by default means using ONLY ingredients touted as natural.

Only YOU can determine what's best for your hair through trial and error.....and time.

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Kinky_Kiki_3C said...

I agree. I think the important thing is to use what works best for you but to also educate yourself on what short and long-term effects come from a lot of the chemicals we use on your heads. For instance, sulfates are chemicals used in harsh cleansers for wax floors and engines. Parabens have been confirmed to, over time, lead to breast cancer in many women. There are a lot of reasons women chose to use "natural" products, mainly to eliminate the toxins that are being absorbed into our bloodstream by way of our scalp. When making any type of transition, it’s important to do your research, determine what issues and problems you have personally and then determine the best alternative for your hair nad body. ;)

KP said...

Yup! That's why I always implore people to do personal research, but to also NOT let something as simple as haircare overwhelm because of all of the things ingredients can have the [negative] potential to do. It's not just about the commonality of ingredients and their uses in terms of industrial cleaners or anything else. It's also about the concentrations and the frequency at which we use them over time.

We honestly can find a lot of things that are "wrong" with many of the things we use everyday. Keeping track can be frustrating and tiring after awhile. lol

Example: We use deodorants and perfumes and even foods chock full of preservatives and many unnatural substances...everyday. We use cleaning substances that we inhale inadvertently that can cause respiratory damage and other damage when not used properly.

At the end of the day, it's about being informed and making WELL-informed decisions and knowing of the potential outcomes and long-term affects. :)

Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog but the yellow writing is extremely difficult to read from a smart phone.... and Im at work so I dont have a choice but to use my phone :)

BreukelensFinest said...

you are so right! i think that everyone gets frustrated with their hair and often want to find the quick fix. your hair needs time, and nothing but time