Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sigh......gotta postpone my Fall DMV Gathering

Hate to do this, but with lack of time and work hour uncertainty (after a few folks have quit and others transferred to different positions), I won't be able to host the scheduled October 24 gathering.

I'm SO disappointed, but I just don't believe in half-assing any functions I'm spearheading. I had SO MANY things I wanted to do, and things planned that I just haven't been able pull together in the time leading up, even after I gave myself time TO plan. Grrrr.

If you haven't noticed, even my blog postings have suffered and time hasn't necessarily been on my side.

I apologize to those that were looking forward to it. If I'm able to reschedule for a different date, I will. Or if anyone else wants to step in and take lead, let me know. Otherwise, the gathering is postponed until further notice. :(

Natural Urbanista


Naturally Kiki said...

Awhh man! Until when?

KP said...

Not sure just yet. I promise to reschedule, but I'm just not sure when at the moment. :(

april. said...
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april. said...

I understand! Thanks for all the effort you've put forth and I know the event will be a success whenever it occurs. When you're able to get the ball rolling again definitely let me know because I can help to mobilize forces on college campuses in DC and MD
(its @mzapril012 by the way!)