Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is THIS why Ori Organics is on hiatus?

A fellow Naturalista mentioned on Twitter some weeks about how Ori Organics is no longer accepting orders right now. I was thinking I'd be fine since I still literally have half of a jar of my buttercream and half of my bottle of leave in that was purchased back in January(which is why I LOVE this brand, as they last me a LONG time). But THEN, after taking a break from using the buttercream(about a month) and switching to my Barry Fletcher product, I open my jar to see THIS:


Yeah. That's mold. And for reference, it's stored in my bedroom, AWAY from the moisture in my bathroom and I don't dip wet fingers into the jar for this very reason and scoop out a certain amount and put it in the cap when twisting my hair.

I'm guessing they're reassessing the preservatives used as it's not providing the full spectrum anti-microbial protection necessary in maintaining its shelf life.

Have any of my Naturalistas encountered this problem with this brand or another? What have been your experiences with "natural" products and spoilage?

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Napfrocurlzgirl said...

I've been making my own shampoos, conditioner, butters, detangler and oil for about a year now and don't use any preservatives. A jar of flaxseed gel I'd made did grow mold but it was at least 3 months old and was stored in the medicine cabinet, and I had a bottle of experimental conditioner turn rancid after about two months...but I kept it in the shower.

Anonymous said...

Is this the only product that you've used from Ori? If you've used others, how did you like them? I plan on buying the samples when they do open...if they open the store again.

She_So_Dreamy said...

Wow, that is hella disturbing! I just went on their website and was wondering why I cannot order anything, and have not been able to for a while. I know that "natural" products have a big thing about not using preservatives because they can be very unhealthy. I remember that I used to LOVE Carol's Daughter before they went the mass produced route. I used to go all the way from DC to NY to get the products twice a year. When the products winded up in Sephora, I started itching!...cause of the preservatives. I've been using Hairveda and they are the truth. They've found a way to keep the products natural, healthy, and have a reasonable shelf life. Now, you can't expect to have something natural sitting in your room for more than 6 months or so, and expect it to be the same. Think of natural products as kin to food, in a way. Anyhow, I feel you, there is a balance that has to be created. I've never had that problem because I use the products up really fast. Especially in the warm months when I wash my hair alot.