Saturday, January 21, 2012

Second complete rod-set: Another success?!

Maybe…..just maybe.

I am one of those naturals that has ZERO patience when it comes to styling my hair. Or rather, trying new styles. My hair is long-ish and my limbs tired-ish, so if I find myself getting frustrated, I tend to just give up.

But not this time.

I stuck with it, even with the elastic parts snapping hardly against my cold, wet and stiff fingers. That ish HURT! LOL!

My arsenal:

-xtra small, small, medium-ish and medium rods. (hey…. y’all get what I’m saying :P )


-PM The conditioner & IC w/Sparklites (for color-treated hair….I like it better than the clear)


-Table-top hooded dryer

-Rat-tail comb

-Butterfly clips


After washing and conditioning hair, I applied the PM Conditioner moderately to each section of hair. I sectioned my hair into maybe 6 sections(held up and apart with butterfly clips), using the rat-tail to section off each piece.

I then applied a little bit of gel to my fingers, smoothing over each piece being rolled onto each rod, wrapped/rolled hair around rod and secured. I continued this throughout my entire head; using smaller rods in the front and larger ones in the middle and back.

After set, I sprayed hair with a little bit of water to reactivate the gel and sat under the dryer for 2 hours. I have a lot of hair, so the length made it harder to dry.

Once dry, I gently removed rods and attempted to separate. I thought my hair would frizz up completely but it didn’t. But with those stubborn pieces, I just let them be. Hence the varying curl sizes in the back. lol

The end result:



Not tooooo shabby. Next time, I'll pay for someone to do it for me. :P

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