Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If you like handmade jewelry, I have a contest for you!!!

Along with loving natural hair and products, I'm also a lover, wearer and purveyor of imported handmade jewelry. So I thought to myself, why not share the wealth with you all by having a cool little contest letting you all show of your lovely tresses? :)

I'm also an amateur photographer and I LOVE when I stumble upon creative photos of ladies rocking their natural 'dos. That served as my inspiration, so my little contest will reward the naturalista with the most photogenic hair pic.

Do you want in? I know you do.

All you have to do is post your most creative and photogenic hair pic(s) here by posting a direct link, or by emailing your submission to naturalurbanista@gmail.com. It's not just about your hair(or hairstyle) in the pic, it's about the WHOLE picture. Creativity wins this contest! Contest ends May 18th at 11:59pm EST.

Winner will be announced and contacted by May 21st, and with their permission, I'll post their winning pic on the blog.

The winner will walk away with a pair of handmade leaf-shaped earrings made from saffron teak wood stained in a crimson color. Further detailing involves a skeleton carving that reveals its wooden base(color). Lead and nickel free hooks were used and length including hooks is approximately 3 inches.


Good luck naturalistas, and bring on your most creative hair pics!!!


Anonymous said...

I am all about everything in this contest! I'll get to shootin!

τreciä said...

ohhhhhhh!!! will have to come up with a creative style.. AKA the whole picture since i'm really in love with that earing.

KP said...

Awesomeness! Good luck, ladies!

Handmade Jewelry Earrings said...

Thank you for this great contest, I love the handmade earrings. Good luck to everyone, Jennifer

KP said...

Thank you, Jennifer. The pieces on your site are GORGEOUS!

Gemstone Jewelry said...

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Mavis said...

Those earrings are gorgeous! I want them. LOL.

KP said...

Deadline is quickly approaching. If you want to be considered, send in those pics! :)