Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Natural" Hair Weaves...Yay or Nay?

With the influx of ladies going from relaxed to natural, there are many others who prefer the short-term look of "natural" looking hair without the commitment.

Does anyone see the irony in that?

There are also many others who ARE natural who may not have the volume and use natural-looking weaves to add a bit more to what they have, or as a protective style. I actually have no problems with that, as I've seen some GORGEOUS weaves(e.g. Solange's new 'fro). But what I SO have a problem with are the HORRENDOUS looking Boozoo the clown, multicolored, likely to catch on fire if you light a match near it, weaves. Maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic, but you've seen them.....and I know I'm not the ONLY person who finds themselves just staring at them and thinking, "wtF is that thing on her head?!" LOL!

Below are examples of what I consider the "good" looking "natural" weaves, although the last one isn't my fave. Pics are from Khamit Kinks website.




So how do you all feel about the "natural" weaves? Would you rock one? HAVE you rocked one?


Pretty Natural Divas said...

The first pic looks nice!! I love Solange's new 'do and have definetely been thinking about getting one. Not so much for added thickness, but as a protective style, which I think is fine.

I agree with the irony in wanting the Natural look without the commitment being crazy. I have definetely seen some crazy looking ones.

I do find it refreshing that more women are seeing Afro-textured extensions as options now, instead of the straight ones.


Casarae said...

I like these weaves, however, I like the natural looking ones (e.g. Solange's fro). When they look synthetic, I can't stand to look at them especially when I see older church women wearing them for volume. I'd rather see the natural or short wigs. In all, I like my look to be natural where people have to second guess.

Shawnystheone said...

I LOVE natural weaves, if you check my fotki out , theres a recent picture of my curly wig I found for 10$ and then pulled it out to get huge. I like wearing my hair but I like change, I dont want to mess my own hair up so I throw some weave in there when I'm feeling a need for a change.

Heres a link to another wig I have

Tinuke said...

I hope I am not being judgemental, but having worn weaves for 15 year(when I was a permie), I jus can't stand the sight of weave. In my opinion, if you want to be natural, be natural

KP said...

I don't think it's judgmental. That's your opinion, Tinuke, and that's how I felt for awhile.

But I wanna play the devil's advocate for a sec. *devilish smile*.

What about the ladies who [occasionally]
straighten their hair(or wear straight-ish weaves as a protective style), but are natural? Would the same rationale apply? If you like wearing your hair straight, then relax it?

Just curious.

I feel you though. I'd rather folks just wear their [natural] hair, but for many, the look of "natural" is a styling option, just as occasionally wearing your hair straight is.

Sharifa said...

i would rather see them rockin a textured weave than the shiny "J body" that is so barbie like it kills me.

Kendra said...

I think those pics are beautiful. I have yet to wear a weave like this. I would rather wear my own hair, because weaves make my scalp itch lol! Anywhoooo... I have seen some crazy ones that look nothing like the beautiful pictures u have displayed. I do think it's great that people are starting to express themselves through weaves like this but I still feel like I am in the middle because it is still a weave.... I almost feel like they are cheating the process. I really don't know. What do you think?

Vida Starr said...

Honestly I'm not against anyone wearing a weave for any reason. I think a weave is a lot better than straightening your natural hair with heat or chemicals.

Anonymous said...

When I was transitioning, I sometimes wore "natural looking" weaves b/c they blended well with my new growth.

Right now, I'm considering getting some babycurl twists (a la Tracie Thoms) so that my hair can rest over the summer.