Friday, June 11, 2010

Products marketed as champagne when they're really boxed wine(or malt liquor)

Not that there's anything WRONG with boxed wine(or malt liquor), but I'm just saying.

I'm gonna razz ONE product today. I haven't used it, and I don't need to use it to KNOW it's overpriced and likely over-hyped.

MoroccanOil Oil Treatment. I saw this retailing at my local BSS for $65!!! Yes, you read that correctly. Sixty-five dollars for less than 7 oz(6.8 oz).

So, what is so freaking special about this product for the manufacturer to think it's worth $65 dollars?!

Wanna see what you're paying for?


(picture borrowed from

Yup....exactly. *smh*

But I will give it to them. They've done an exceptional job marketing this product to the rich and famous (or anyone crazy enough to believe the hype) as the solution for dry, frizzy hair. You're likely paying for the [less than] 5% of Argan oil(which is like what....$7 worth if NOT wholesale?) that's part of this product's formulation. I can almost guarantee that 80-90% of this bottle consists of the first THREE ingredients and those are cheap and easy to find.



ChocolateOrchid said...

Just wow. I've never noticed this. I guess b/c I never got around to purchasing it for a try. And now I'm really glad that I didn't.

It really does pay to play close attention to the ingredient list.


hey I glad I stumbled upon your blog. Have a great week.


KP said...

Yup @ChocolateOrchid. My SO laughs at how much of an ingredient snob I can be, but it carries over to food and it's helping HIM learn about what we use ON or bodies as well as what we put INSIDE of our bodies.

@Lisapea I'm glad you stumbled upon my blog too! :) Have a great week as well!

janelle said...

i bought the little bottle (that you have pictured) from my stylist for $15.
i think amazon has it for about $12.
even though that's still a bit pricey,
i've had my bottle since august,
and still am only halfway through it.
one of the best things is that you don't have to use much to get good results.
it does reduce frizz,
smells great,
and really moisturizes my hair/scalp.

it's all about what works for you,
and not being ripped off.

KP said...

I've gone on Amazon and they've all been in the $60 dollar range(for the 7 oz bottle of oil), so you being able to find it for cheap is pretty cool.

I'm glad it works for you, and I'm not surprised it helps with frizz, as the silicones in it help to minimize frizz, and silicones act as humectants, so it making your hair feel moisturized ALSO isn't a surprise. But the price at which they're marketing it isn't worth the $65.

My issue with it is you can go into any BSS and find products with comparable ingredients, outside of the Argan oil, for less than $7 bucks. I can buy all of the ingredients for that product and it would still equal less than what they're charging for one bottle.

It's all about being informed of your options and not being knocked over the head(with unnecessarily exorbitant prices). ;)

janelle said...

i found the exact size of the bottle i have on amazon:

even with less than an ounce of product,
i still have half the bottle left after using it for 8 months.

but you made a good point.
reading ingredients & shopping comparatively are a must!

KP said...

Oh okay. You bought the .85 oz one. That's why it was less expensive. I was 'ranting' about the almost 7 ounce bottle being too dang expensive. :P

Considering it's small and you're getting such good usage out of it is a good thing. I just can't rationalize it for me. lol

Ultimately, it's all about whatever works for ya! :)