Saturday, January 22, 2011

Naturally FaF: India Benet

I had to post these pictures. Why? Because not only is she the talented offspring of the gorgeous Eric Benet(she's featured on his latest album), but she's naturally beautiful herself. I mean....look at her! If I were to grow my hair out a bit more, I'd want her length, but'll be YEARS before I get that kind of hang.

Until then(if ever), I'll just live vicariously through her. ;)

The pics below are from a photoshoot for her album.



Natural Urbanista


Anonymous said...

If you lightly blow-dry your hair, I believe you could get the same hang.

KP said...

Not with my hair. A light blow-dry gives me a Diana-Ross-ish look...which isn't a bad thing. Just won't garner the same results. :)

I also have 4 different textures/curl-types that I'm working with that all respond differently to manipulation. The back hangs like India's entire head(wavy-ish and looser). Certain parts on the front and side shrink up more than 60%, and the middle sections(crown) are in between both.

I'd also need to grow my hair to tailbone length stretched if I didn't want to use heat to get that result, or something similar. My hair is about waist-length stretched(the longest length anyway), and it barely touches my shoulders with shrinkage on same days. LOL

I'll just salivate over hers. I try to minimize manipulation. :)

Thanks for trying to help, though!

Anonymous said...

Her hair looks damaged on the ends and she isn't that pretty. You on the other hand are beautiful--sad how we often dont see our reflection--

KP said...

@Anon I honestly wasn't looking that closely to the ends of her hair to notice damage, but it doesn't negate her and/or her hair's beauty.

I appreciate your compliment and trust me when I say....I see my reflection quite clearly. Seeing beauty in others doesn't mean I don't see beauty in myself. :)