Monday, August 22, 2011

"Survivor" goes Natural!!

I don't really watch Survivor. There are just too many reality shows for me to keep up with, although I have enjoyed watching it in the past. As I was perusing Yahoo, I noticed pictures of the new cast and I THEN noticed the beautiful, "spoken word" poet, Semhar Tadesse.


*photo courtesy of CBS

We've got another natural on a CBS reality show. SCORE!

So go ahead and drool over her fluffy 'fro and watch her play "ditzy" on Survivor.

Natural Urbanista


Anonymous said...

I noticed her, too.
Have you seen the new Charlie's Angels? One of them has the cutest curly 'fro. I wonder how long they'll let her keep it.

Sassy_Roots said...

Great to see more natural women on the tube :)

Luv and LuLu said...

Her hair was so gorge! i could never do survivor tho... Stranded on an island for fourty days without my hair products??!... No ma'am! lol